Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Christmas Dresses

In November, I found a porcelain doll with red hair, so I bought her for Maddie's 4th birthday, which wasn't until March.  She was wearing a pretty green velvet dress, so I decided that my 3 granddaughters all needed dresses just like that for Christmas.  Naturally, I did, too.  So I ordered 10 yards of hunter green stretch velvet and started cutting.

The girls' dresses were absolutely adorable.  You can see that with Maddie twirling here on Christmas Eve.

Of course, I had to make myself a matching dress.  Actually, I made two (which were both rather similar), because I had so much fabric.  Also known. in my friend GMarie's words, as "Just how big do you think you are???"  So here are Nora and Freya with me on the day after Christmas, which was (naturally) another Christmas day.

But this has to be one of my favorite pictures ever of me with one of my grandchildren.  I look fully humanoid, and Freya (age 8 months at that time) was doing her best adorable act.

I should note that this fabric was insanely heavy, and somewhat difficult to work with as a result.  Each of my dresses weighed over 2 pounds.  But the girls and I were all really warm!

So....Christmas sewing displayed, only 4 months late.  Mission accomplished....

Happy Wednesday, everyone (I checked my calendar to be sure)!


  1. You all look beautiful! You are so talented Marjie.

  2. What fun to dress the little girls for the holiday. Velvet and ruffles are perfect.